Deana Burrows - Therapeutic Bodywork

TUI NA is an ancient Chinese modality that includes jostling, rolling, pressing and kneading. It's purpose is to move energy through all the meridians of Chinese medicine. It helps "confuse" the muscle tissues and relax the Central Nervous System. It can be very effective in preparing the body to receive deeper work, and also as a pain relief technique. It can be most helpful for people with Fibromyalgia Syndrome, Parkinson's Disease; and is effective at breaking up pain/spasm cycles.

SHIATSU/THAI There are many variations of this  method of ancient bodywork, but basically Shiatsu is the Japanese interpretation of Chinese massage. It aims to balance the energy through meridian channels that run throughout the body, and can include pressing on acupressure points along those meridians. (Pressure can be applied with the fingers, hands, elbows, knees and feet). Generally the pressure is slow and sustained, in contrast to Tuina, but the principles are similar. Thai Massage is similar to Shiatsu,(originating in Thailand), and both may also include stretching and manipulating the body to also move the energy along the points, or to stretch the meridians. The goal is to restore balance to the body, by breaking up stagnant energy and restoring energy flow.

I enjoy incorporating elements of both these important modalities while you are lying on the massage table, so you do not have to lay on the floor.