Deana Burrows - Therapeutic Bodywork

Some tips for getting the most out of your

bodywork experience: 

  Plan time before and after your massage, if you are able. Even if only a half an hour before and after. When you rush to a session or rush out, it can almost defeat the purpose of the therapy.

Let your therapist know ahead of the massage if you have any pain, or preferred style of treatment you are seeking. The session is about you.

 Drink lots of water after your massage. Avoid a heavy meal before a massage session, and refrain from drinking alcohol before and after your massage.

During the massage, it is your time. It should be completely and totally about your relaxation. It is best to refrain from conversation during this time, and bring focus to yourself, letting your mind go. That said, tell the therapist if at any time if pressure is too deep, not deep enough; the room is too cold or too hot. The therapist will check in with you on all these points, but you must also speak up if something is bothering you. Breathe deeply.

 You control the degree to which you wish to undress during your massage. You will always be covered under a sheet or blanket, and your therapist will  drape and then re cover you. 

 It may take a few sessions for you to decide what you like during your treatment, especially if you haven't had a lot of massages before. It is fine to express this to your therapist. Also though, try to be receptive and open during your first session, trusting in the professionalism of your therapist. Let your body and limbs go limp, and allow the therapist to move them for you, if it is comfortable. Let go of the stress of the day. Focus on your breath, and the moment.

 Do not get up too fast after the session. Sometimes people are so relaxed they are a bit light headed. It is a natural high. Enjoy!