Deana Burrows - Therapeutic Bodywork

Pregnancy and Postpartum

Massage Therapy 

Services are available in  during your stay in Chicago area hospitals, right in your bed.

I have advanced training in pre and postnatal massage therapy. Massage therapy is helpful in all stages of pregnancy, and I have advanced training  including "high risk" situations, bed rest, and post c-section.

The childbearing year

     A massage during pregnancy can help alleviate the strains and aches your body may experience as it adjusts to your growing baby.

As you get closer to your due date, regular massages can help facilitate an easier delivery in some cases, by helping you learrelaxation skills. After you give birth, a massage can greatly restore balance tyour body. 


A massage shortly after your delivery while you are still in the hospital has so many benefits.  You are recuperating and as you relax the feeling permeates the room. I work on you right in your hospital bed, often having you in a side-lying position for maximum comfort. Relaxing music will play. Heat therapy and aromatherapy are available when appropriate, if you'd like. And, newborns can often sense the benefits and sometimes feed and sleep better after their mother is massaged.