Deana Burrows - Therapeutic Bodywork

Infant Massage Instruction

Moms, dads, grandparents and siblings can all better tune in and bond with your new little one through learning simple infant massage techniques. Babies and children love and benefit from touch therapy as much as anyone else. For infants, massage helps promote feelings of safety and helps enhance growth and development. As children grow, massage can evolve into special time between you and helps nurture tiny spirits as they grow.

A group class. techniques are demonstrated on a doll as you work alongside on your baby. 

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Certified Infant Massage Instructor 

Through infant massage techniques, you can become more tuned into your baby's cues, and that helps you communicate with your child, and possibly help in aiding common baby ailments. It is a language between the two of you. Massage may also increase the depth and length of your infant's sleep time. Most importantly though, massage therapy lets you spend time bonding with your little one in a mutually relaxing and beneficial way, while learning a valuable skill that has a positive impact on the whole family.